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Photography Talk with Focus on Photography, Wells | 19th November 2023:

After the busy period of preparing for The Photography Show and now The Total Solar Eclipse, I can finally catch up on some blog posts which have been a on hold so managing to catch up now!

Back on November 19th, I was honoured to speak for my local photography club, 'Focus on Photography'. They are a great group to be apart of and one of which the passion for photography really shines through. As I have learned throughout my own photographic jouney, the passion and the fun has to be there to make it worthwhile and in one sense, becomes a part of your life and that is evident to all photographers there. It was also so lovely to see such a strong turnout!

During my talk, I provided an overview about my jounrey so far in becoming a Landscape Astrophotographer; alongside the trials and tribulations with Astrophotography, from equipment reccomendations, to technical aspects from camera settings, weather and one on many's bucket lists - aurora forecasting!

This talk provided some advice on what to look out for in terms of compsition as well as astoonomical events looking into 2024.

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