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Reaching the 'Holy Grail' - the moment I became an Award-Winning Photographer:

Picture the scene, 22nd November; heading to the city on Bath. On board a bus. A friend from The Isle of Lewis pings me a message. Facebook only shows you a snippet of the message " Congratulations Josh!!

I'm thinking to myself, what is this? Only to wait for a stable 5G connection only to find I had only gone and History Hit's History Photographer of the Year!!

I thank Callanish Digital Design for letting me know the news. I was completely bessotted. Before I knew it, streams of newspieces were coming in from far and wide; Digital Camera, a friend in Somerset messaging me "You need to see this.." It was in The Times Newspaper! You name it! To see these tiles was an immense privilege let alone the following comments by Dan Snow!? See below:

For any Photographer, this is an immense privilege and also a game changer. 2023 really was the year when I began to see change and was the time of resurgence. Lookijng back, I think why on earth did I give up Photography. After covid when life all got too much, things happen and I also wonder if they happen for a reason.

Looking back at these photographs, I can can my photographic style has changed and so I believe one's artistic vision and outlook on life can do so as well. Callanish changed my life. How one trip can change everything. For the small amount of time I was there and to be greeted with wall-to-wall clear skies for 4 days at the time of new-moon really was a sight to behold. Not only having been recognised for Astronomy Photographer of the Year earlier in September, and now this. I could not be more greatful to Callanish and the islanders for their fountain of knowledge. It had always been somewhere I wanted to visit and to achieve these results, a book could not have written it.

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