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Showreel for Landscape Astrophotographer, Josh Dury (AKA - Starman), which contextualises his story from having been inspired by the planet Mars, to forming a photographic career; showcasing his homelands of The Mendips and Somerset as well as his ongoing concerns for the impact of light pollution to our natural environment. 

Josh is interviewed by BBC Sky at Night Presenter, Dame Dr. Maggie-Aderin Pocock on BBC's The One Show; discussing how to take photographs of the Total Solar Eclipse on 8th April from across the United States. He discusses his aspiration with eclipses and gives some tips on how to prepare yourself ahead of totality. He sends across an update moments before the main event.  

Josh's image of Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks was featured on ITV News West Country. Highlighting its orbit every 70-years around our local star, the Sun. 

Josh speaks at The Photography Show for the 2024 Event at The NEC, Birmingham; representing NiSi; showcasing the Starsoft and Natural Night Filter:

Josh's image is featured on ITV News West Country by Weather Presenter, Charlie Powell. Highlighting the aurora forecast and the strength of the geomagnetic storm that hit on the 5th November 2023.

Josh's image of The Northern Lights from Priddy is featured by David Garmston on BBC's Points West (BBC One) discussing the recent geomagnetic storm that resulted in the northern lights being viewed as far down south as Northern Italy!!

Josh features on BBC's Points West discusses to discuss his image "The Enigma of the North" being shortlisted for this year's Astronomy Photographer of the Year Compettion (2023).

This feature focuses largely on Josh's astrophotography in addressing a regional audience of this rare astronomical phenomenon. He also provides some quick tips on what you can do to observe the northern lights from the UK and to plan ahead. 

Josh's photograph from Comet E3 EZF above Stonehenge forms the headline interview of US broadcaster, CNN with John Berman discussing the comet on its closest approach to Earth. 

Josh's ambition is to create enthusiastic and engaging visual content to make the more difficult aspects of astrophotography and astronomy easier to understand for his viewers. He aims to put his viewers in his shoes, to understand what you can expect to see and to see what can be possible on a night shooting under the stars. In this video, he discusses his experience of photographing Bruton Dovecote -

a landmark in Somerset and how he plans to photograph it. 

His previous campaign work has allowed him to be featured on major UK Media Distributors to raise public awareness of events targeting light pollution and addressing this message through Josh's Astrophotography. His interview on BBC Morning Breakfast allowed him to be an ambassador for CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) being featured amongst well-known faces of the astronomy community. 

Alongside his photography and campaign work, Josh likes to document his experiences through vlogging videos to bring the expereicne to life through immersing his audience with his photography. In this short film, Josh documents a night at Stonehenge to photograph Comet NEOWISE and allow his audiences the opportunity to see this incredible event from inside Stonehenge. 

Josh is also recognised for his series of astronomy how-to videos; encouraging new audiences to look up to the night-sky. He is a fond presenter and aspires to educating his years of research with the heavens to appreciate and acknowledge why we need to protect our night skies. This video highlighting on how to locate the constellations Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. 

Alongside Josh's work in Astrophotography, he is also known for being the Photographer and Filmmaker who produced the showreel for Dr. Mya Rose Craig (AKA Birdgirl). Recognised for her wildlife conservation, she sighted 5,000 bird varieties around the world in 16-years and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by The University of Bristol. 

"Starlink - A Battle of the Skies" is a short film produced by Josh to voice a global platform for the impact of satellite constellations on the night-sky. In collaboration with Astrophotographer - Alyn Wallace, BBC Sky at Night Presenter - Pete Lawrence and Vicente Litvak of Chile. 

This is Josh's film that he produced for his Final Major Project at The University of the West of England (UWE) titled "Back the the Light" for which he was awarded First-Class Honours. A short natural-history style documentary focusing on the impacts of light pollution towards Astronomers, Wildlife Conservation and Human Health.


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