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"Ancient Nostalgia" Callanish Stones and The Milky Way Fine Art Print

"Ancient Nostalgia" Callanish Stones and The Milky Way Fine Art Print


For sale is a Fine-Art Print of the Callanish Stone Circle and The Milky Way photographed by Photographer, Josh Dury on his visit to the Isle of Lewis in 2022.

This was a rare moment for me as a Photographer as I was fortunate enough to visit The Isle of Lewis with three-consecutive days of clear skies, which I was told was unheard of with this being the best and hottest weather of the year so far!

When I took this photo of the Callanish Stones, I was memorised to think I was capturing these photos from one of the darkest places in the United Kingdom and I think that really shows with the amount of depth that I was able to capture in the Milky Way Galaxy streaming over-head. This is the finished result.

This print is thick boarded (please see image attached), which can fit any sized frame (as per printed specification).

The print will come carefully packaged within a sealed cello pack and supporting board for protection during transit.

Josh is a Photographer based in Somerset UK with a specialist interest for Landscape and Astrophotography.

To see more of his work, please take a look at his website and social media channels:

Facebook: @JoshDuryPhotoMedia
Instagram: @josh_dury_photomedia
YouTube: @JoshDuryPhotoMedia
Twitter: @Josh_Dury

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