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The Great American Eclipse | Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The Great American Eclipse | Nashville, Tennessee, USA


For sale is a Fine-Art Print of The Great American Eclipse captured by Photographer, Josh Dury in 2017.


This image was captured from Nashville Tennessee; where for a whole 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the Sun would be totally eclipsed by the moon. 


In traditional fashion with astrophotography, clouds began to form near totality. The light began to change as the temperatures dropped and nocturnal wildlife came to life. Behold, moments later - the diamond ring was visible and streamers from the Sun’s chromosphere came to light with prominences visible around the edge of the Solar Disc.


The print will come carefully packaged within a sealed cello pack and supporting board for protection during transit.


Josh is a Photographer based in Somerset UK with a specialist interest for Landscape and Astrophotography.


To see more of his work, please take a look at his website and social media channels:



Facebook: @JoshDuryPhotoMedia

Instagram: @josh_dury_photomedia

YouTube: @JoshDuryPhotoMedia

Twitter: @Josh_Dury

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